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Executive  Chairman  Mike Zheng
Director General   Amy Wu
Vice  Executive  Chairman  QingGuang Wong 
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Secretary General   Carl Chen





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Contact: Carl Chen
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Tony Lin

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#41 D-District Fuzhou Software Area, Tongpan Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Tel: 0086-591-8786791
Contact: Qiaoming Wu, Qifei Zhen
Email: FuZhou@fjcac.com
  • 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala and The 2nd Fujian Culture Exhibition Oct. 14 - 16, 2016
  • Fujian Community Association of Canada new chairman elected 03-06-2013
  • Fujian Community Association of Canada tenth anniversary's 4th general inaugural 03-09-2013 
  • 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala and The 2nd Fujian Culture Exhibition

     Date and Location

                                101 Town Centre Blvd, Markham, ON. L3R 9W3

                                Markham Event Center (October 16, 2016)

                                95 Duffield Dr, Markham, ON. L6G 0A8

    Organizer:          Fujian Communities Association of Canada

                                City of Markham

                                Fujian Foreign Cultural Exchange Association                      

                                Haixia Publication and Distribution Group              

                                Fujian Xinhua Distribution Group              

                                Fujian Tea Science Society (Canada)              

    Sub Organizer:  New Immigrants Foundation for Special Needs

             Fujian Publishing Industry Trading Co., Ltd)

    Exhibitors:       Fujian People’s Publishing House Co.,Ltd

             Fujian Education Press Co., Ltd

             Haixia Literature and Art publishing House Co., Ltd

    To celebrate the 46th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and China, The Fujian Communities Association of Canada is organizing “2016 Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Gala and the 2nd Fujian Culture Exhibition” on Oct 14th & 15th at the Markham Civic CentreGrand Hall Exhibition, and Oct 16th at the Markham Event Center banquet hall. These events are strongly supported by the Markham Civic Centreand we are honored to have the Mayor, Frank Scarpitti, to chair the event. 

    These events are also strongly supported by some associations and related government authority organizations from Fujian, China.  

    Fujian is located in China's southeast coast and is surrounded by mountains, seas, and pleasant subtropical weather. It also has rich cultural heritage with many historic and tourist attractions. The tea culture has always been an important aspect of Chinese culture and a driver of foreign exchange in the region. Fujian province in China produces among the highest quality tea around the world and has built this reputation through several centuries. 

    On the days of the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala and Fujian Culture Exhibition there will be a series of Fujian Tourism video play, book fairs, historical photographic and Chinese calligraphy displays, tea brewing performances, tea tastings, traditional fashion shows, and cultural dances. 

    We hope that through this exhibition and gala, the community can learn and experience the happiness to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, rich Fujian culture and flavors of quality Fujian tea.

    Contact: Amy Wu: 416-871-3986; Carl Chen:416-666-3363; Tony Lin:647-739-0058
Intruduction of Fujian Communities Association of Canada
Fujian Communities Association of Canada (FJCAC) was founded in June 2003, registered in Canada, a coalition of groups and individuals across Canada Fujian origin of non-political, non-religious, non-profit plusFujian Chinese and organizations have joined the organization. Since the establishment of the Federation of strong support, help and participation of the villagers, Canada joint Fujian Chinese Federation of Fujian Associations actively organized and participate in various social and community activities; promote folks friendship, mutual assistance and development, folks the identity of the community and continue to grow and develop. Since the establishment of the Federation of contact with folks around the world and home to showcase the style of Fujian folks to promote multi-cultural development and social prosperity of Canadian society, a lot of work has also made remarkable achievements, better Help Fujian folks live and work in Canada.

All-Canadian Fujian Chinese Federation recently held its fourth general election, announced the list of new Chairman and director, Executive Chairman Mr. Mike Zheng, Director General Amy Wu, Secretary-General Carl Chen. "All-Canadian the Fujian Chinese Federation of the 10th anniversary of the fourth general party" and intended to be held in May.

Fujian Communities Association of Canada incorporated in Canada in June 2003, is headquartered in Toronto, the joint Vancouver, Montreal can wait to Fujian Chinese community.