Support a Day of commemoration for the Nanjing Massacre,

on December 13th of every year, in Ontario 

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To Whom It May Concern:


The Nanjing Massacre was, without a doubt, one of the most horrific atrocities of the modern era. In a span of 6 short weeks, beginning on December 13, 1937, the Japanese Imperial Army rained death and destruction upon the people of Nanjing (called Nanking at the time). According to the judgment of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, over 200,000 civilians and soldiers alike were slaughtered, tens of thousands of innocent women – some mere girls were brutally and repeatedly raped, and entire city blocks were burned to the ground. The city, its people, and the world itself could never be the same after this unthinkable series of war crimes.


It is because of this awareness of history, and a deep need to ensure that it does not repeat itself, that we at Toronto ALPHA whole-heartedly support a day of commemoration for the Nanjing Massacre, on December 13th of every year, in Ontario, as proposed in MPP Soo Wongs Private Members Bill #79. With Ontario’s large Asian and particularly Chinese population, there are residents in this province who were directly affected by the events of 1937-1938. Some are survivors themselves; others lost parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, family friends. Moreover, while there is great awareness of the Second World War in a European and North American context, many Canadians and Ontarians know virtually nothing about the Second World War in an Asian context, including the Nanjing Massacre, which is considered one of the early events in this global conflict. This lack of awareness contributes to the injustices done, and to the threat of losing this history. An official commemoration of this event will contribute immensely to a greater understanding of the Second World War among Ontarians and Canadians. We must show our Asian and Chinese communities that we support them and believe in securing justice for them, at long last, and showing our strong commitment to ensuring that such inhumanity stops with us.


A step toward honouring the victims of the Nanjing Massacre is a step toward healing and toward reconciliation. Healing cannot happen by simply ignoring a wound and hoping it will go away. In this, the wound only festers and makes us sicker. Reconciliation cannot happen by denying wrongs done. In this, these wrongs themselves fester, causing rifts between communities, fostering animosity and righteous indignation. Reconciliation must be built on a strong foundation of trust, and so long as the past is denied, such a trust is a mere fantasy.


MPP Wongs bill passed its second reading unanimously on December 8th, but this is only a big step forward. We have not yet crossed the finished line, and this victory could only be temporary. In order to advance to the third reading the final step before Royal Assent and the bill becomes law we need to demonstrate to Queens Park the wishes of the people in Ontario. We need to show them that a day of commemoration is necessary, both for justice in the names of the victims, and in taking a strong stand for the triumph of humanity over inhumanity that is the dream of the 21st century. Already, we anticipate stiff opposition from highly-paid lobbyists employed by the Japanese Embassy and Consulate General’s office in Toronto. The pressure to bury this event, to render it mere history, to deny us all the critical lessons of the Nanjing Massacre, is intense it has been this way among ultra-nationalists in Japan for decades, and we can see it manifesting now, in North America, in Canada, in Ontario. We cannot and must not allow ignorance and historical revisionism to block the path of truth and justice.


So, we ask that you please take a moment to read and sign this petition, and circulate it among your friends, family, and community. These signed petitions will be presented to the Ontario legislature by MPP Wong. The gathering of signatures through this petition is crucial to pushing this bill through to the third reading. Queens Park only accepts hard copies of petition forms, so please ensure that you are gathering physical signatures. No electronic copies will be accepted. When the petitions are signed, they can be mailed or brought to the ALPHA office by February 15, 2017 instructions for this are on the petition form itself.


Thank you, friends, for your support.

Signed by Dr. Joseph Y.K. Wong

Founder and Chair

Toronto ALPHA

Signed by Flora Chong

Vice Chair & Executive Director

Toronto ALPHA

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